Why are TeachMeets worthwhile?


Why are TeachMeets worthwhile?

For several years now, QSITE Gold Coast has hosted TeachMeets as a way of connecting with teachers about technologies.

TeachMeet May 2023 presentations

This is the spiel we use on our flyers, for those unfamiliar with what a TeachMeet is:

TeachMeets provide a casual platform for educators to engage in professional learning and networking, where they can come together to exchange innovative and captivating ideas. Our objective is to initiate a dialogue among participants. The presentations are brief yet impactful, designed to motivate the audience to interact with the presenters and expand their Professional Learning Network. You may wish to share, to listen, to participate in Q&A … it’s up to you.

At first, the idea of expressing your own ideas and practices may be daunting for the new attendee. They are welcome to sit and listen to others but soon realise they have a lot to contribute and a platform to do so. Unlike many other learning areas, finding time for Technologies curriculum planning at school may not be highest priority. At a TeachMeet, there are other enthusiasts and experienced teachers who are keen to share how they have planned and taught using technologies.

As an ICT/Technologies specialist, I found I didn’t always have the opportunity for supportive or learning in technologies conversations at the school level. Sure, there is an abundance of online support available for those who ask the questions but there are times when a face to face conversation allows you to dig deeper to what you want to know. TeachMeets are not only an opportunity for ’just in time’ learning, answering the questions you need to ask.  They also provide the opportunity for ‘just in case’ learning, to deepen your own knowledge and practice. So to many teachers, taking the time to attend TeachMeets is very worthwhile.

Teachers on or near the Gold Coast are welcome to join us at our TeachMeets. We hold them at various Gold Coast Library locations once a term. The dates and details are in the QSITE events calendar and on our QSITE Gold Coast Chapter page. We hope to see you there.

Jenni Fewtrell
QSITE Gold Coast Chapter Secretary/Treasurer

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