QSITE is a Professional Association of challenge-ready, enthusiastic educators dedicated to the use of Information and Communication Technology for personal and professional endeavours. The association aims to build and nurture a positive, confident community of teachers at all levels of education with support for continual improvement and leadership in curriculum and teacher professional development.

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QSITE Membership

The association supports continual improvement and leadership in teacher professional development. Our members do that ‘bit extra’ to deliver a real difference in learning environments with progressive approaches to ICTs in education.

QSITE’s leaders and long-term members are teachers from primary, secondary and tertiary education systems, volunteering their time where possible, to the professional growth of their colleagues and a greater level of engagement in education for students. We invite you to be a member of our team of dedicated people!

QSITE offers many services for its members to support ICT education professionals throughout Queensland.

Membership Services

  • Events

    • Annual QSITE state conference
    • QSITE Chapter events to support educators regionally
    • QSITE Virtual events – social networking and learning forums

  • Publications

    • Help members keep up to date and share their achievements
    • QUICK journal
    • Australian Educational Computing

  • Prof. Development

    • Openly accessible QSITE email communities
    • Membership discounts on registration at QSITE conferences and ICT events
    • The ability to request topics and host QSITE Professional Development sessions in your school
    • QSITE post-PD email and discussion support

  • Student Participation

    • Give education professionals important opportunities to test their new knowledge
    • QSITE Student Design Challenge

  • Member Recognition

    • QSITE Annual Teacher and Leadership Awards
    • Invitations to publicly showcase ICT integration innovations applied or developed within your school
    • Online profiling of leading educators and schools on the QSITE website and in QSITE publications

  • Professional Affiliations

    • Discounts on International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) membership and resources
    • Access to articles and forums: International Society for Technology in Education
    • Automatic Australian Council for Computers in Education (ACCE) Associate status

  • Advocacy

    • Speaks for the interests of members and leads ICT developments in Queensland education
    • JCQTA (Joint Council Queensland Teaching Associations) and QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) connections to prepare policy submissions
    • Advocate on behalf of QSITE members to progress the meaningful use of ICTs for all sectors of Queensland education

  • Corporate Partnerships

    • Hands-on collaboration with industry to better inform school ICT management decisions
    • Connecting teachers and students with vocational applications of their learning
    • Sharing of resources to enhance QSITE member services
    • Sponsorship of QSITE member events