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QSITE’s Email Lists assist members to easily share ideas and communicate with like-minded education professionals.

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QSITE Email Lists

QSITE provides a number of email lists to aid professionals in their everyday endeavours.

You are welcome to join our general qsitecommunity and/or QSITE SeniorIT list through the links below.  The QSITE SeniorIT list has been created as a combination of the previous 2 lists for IPT and ITS.

The Chapter links are for the use of those interested in IT and Education and allows contact within the specific chapter area to promote activities and share and discuss issues.


Please note that QSITE lists are provided for member discussion and not for the promotion of products, services and events by vendors. Professional courtesy is expected for all communications that take part on these lists.

QSITE Community

Our main list for discussions on general Information Technology Education and Education in general. Open to anyone who wishes to subscribe and participate in communication with other professionals on the list.


A specialised list for senior secondary teachers of ITS, Information Technology Systems.

This list replaces the 2 separate lists of IPT and ITS as those areas have much in common and relate to the senior area of schooling.

QSITE Chapter Email Lists

There is a list for each of the Chapter localities including Brisbane and these lists are used to communicate with interested persons in the locality of the named list to inform them of events relevant to the area and also allows them to communicate with others in the area. These lists are self managed and you can subscribe and unsubscribe to them.

You can elect to join a chapter list in your area by selecting from below: