Digital Technologies vs Digital Literacy in AC v9

Digital Technologies vs Digital Literacy in AC v9

Despite Technologies being part of the Australian Curriculum since its first draft in 2010, its different aspects may still cause confusion for some. This is especially true in understanding the difference between Digital Technologies and Digital Literacy (known as ICT Capability prior to Australian Curriculum v9).

There are some excellent resources to support  understanding of these and how they fit into teaching and learning. At last year’s EducateIT 2023 conference on the Gold Coast, Grok Academy’s Kylie Mathers presentation was titled  ‘Digital Technologies vs Digital Literacy’. She shared with us ideas and resources for exploring the differences between Digital Technologies and Digital Literacy in the new world of Australian Curriculum  v9. These would be valuable to share with teaching staff.

The Digital Technologies Hub has a range of resources that explain how Digital Literacy and Digital Technologies differ and why the relationship between them is a key consideration for schools.

Grok Learning suggests challenging other teachers with the free DT vs Digital Literacy (ICT) Cards as a way to engage them in this discussion. Perhaps a staff or curriculum meeting would be a good place for this.

Digital Literacy supports students to be effective users of technology. Digital Technologies build on Digital Literacy, moving students from technology consumers to creators.Digital Technologies Hub


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