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QUICK is QSITE's journal published three times a year. This hard copy publication contains QSITE news and information, celebrates member achievements, and features in-depth articles on developments in ICT education and ICT integration issues in Queensland education.

QUICK has a long and distinguished history, dating from January 1980, a year before the Computer Education Group of Queensland (CEGQ), the forerunner of QSITE was formed. The journal is distributed to QSITE members throughout Queensland and further.

Articles from Quick Edition 3:2016  #134
Michael Sisley,   DATTA ACT, ACTATE, ACT Department of Education, Canberra
           Alistair Campbell, Edith Cowan University, Perth, WA
           Jeremy Pagram, Edith Cowan University, Perth, WA
           Martin Cooper, Edith Cowan University, Perth, WA


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The items below are materials to support articles that appear in QUICK.

 QUICK Issue 112

Submit a QUICK article

QUICK articles are an important way of sharing your knowledge and experiences with your profession. Through sharing your work and innovations you can help colleagues meet their ICT education and ICT integration challenges.

However this particular QSITE member service is an important opportunity for collaboration and learning that depends on member contributions via editorial articles or pictorial submissions.

QSITE encourages all members to share ICT education or integration experiences or developments with our QUICK readership. QUICK articles have a long tradition of providing relevant and up-to-date information that can support school management decision-making, classroom ICT solutions and student engagement in learning.

Take this opportunity to showcase your personal innovations, your school or university’s ICT education achievements or the work of your students.

Contact the QUICK team now with your interest in becoming 'published' and we'll support you in the writing and submission process. Please read the QUICK submission guide to help you understand the guidelines for QUICK articles.

Please note, if you wish images of your students to be published in QUICK then you are legally required to submit a consent form signed by the student/s and their parent/guardian. Please print off the form below, obtain the required signatures, and mail to the QSIT at P.O Box 8, Red Hill. 4059. QLD.


QUICK Image Submission Guildelines

All digital images for publishing in QUICK must be supplied separately, and not be within a text document. All images submitted must be at the size or larger than the print size required and be 300 dpi or at the highest resolution possible. They should be in CMYK colour mode. Images are to be submitted in TIF, JPG, EPS, BMP or PDF file format.

QUICK parent consent form for publishing (41 K) - Type: Adobe Acrobat file


Current Editor
Peter Whitehouse

For enquires and to submit an article contact via email pwhitehouse@optusnet.com.au



Sample Editions from 2007


QUICK 102 - Autumn 2007

  • Digital Citizenship: Adapted with permission from an article first published in the
  • March 2007 edition of Learning & Leading with Technology -Anita McAnear
  • Educational Information technology standards for our students, who will decide? - Jason Zagami
  • Weather station to web: the North Arm State School experience -Sel Kerans and Len Falknau
  • Report from the inaugural QSITE meeting in Second Life
  • Supporting Teachers’ professional learning and innovation: where to from here? - Amanda Rablin
  • Educator of the Year — Dave McGuiness
  • Emerging Leader of the Year — Colleen Steiler
  • Outstanding Leader of the Year — Janet Cochrane
  • Life membership award — Lyn Allsop
  • Mining the lists: Do we stray too far?

QUICK 103 - Winter 2007

  • An open letter to the Queensland Studies Authority from the Queensland Society for Information Technology in Education (QSITE)
  • Using Computer Game Technology to Create Virtual Learning Environments - Chris Blundell
  • Social Networking … Exciting Times - Kerrie Smith
  • IPT Online - Richard Kelly
  • Memoirs of an ICT teacher — the Journey Begins at the Heart - Michael Hilkemeijer
  • Faces of QSITE
  • Technology Together: A structured approach to effective ICT professional development and culture change for schools - Renata Phelps and Anne Graham
  • Meet the Bee-Bots! - Nicole Sprainger
  • Mining the Lists: the future of ICT as a subject area

QUICK 104 - Spring 2007

  • Cartoon competition swamped - Lyndall Owbridge
  • School based habits for online safety - Thérèse Brandt and Michelle Williams
  • Console, game, action! — an exploration of how machinima can be used to teach film making in the classroom - Kristine Kopelke
  • Open versus proprietary — another view - Dr Gary Jacobson
  • Indigenous students engage in education through a blog - Louise Alexander
  • Students become stars to learn about Australia - Scott Ward
  • False gods or holy grail? delivering IT in schools - Bob Fifoot
  • Making your mark on CSDs - Kevin Savage
  • Something that begins with play — interactive learning in the Early Phase - Gayleen Jackson

QUICK 105 - Summer 2007-8

  • Podcasting in learning - Liane Grant
  • What’s in a name: towards the naming of a new information technology learning domain - Margaret Lloyd
  • Students motivated and enthused about reading - Lauren Mulhall
  • Muddling with Moodle - Diane Mackenzie, Kathryn Duncan, Janet Grice
  • Mental software for teaching robotics: FIRST LEGO league, playful investigations and robots as cognitive tools - Colin Baskin
  • ICT and footy enrich learning at Robina
  • Blogging 2 learn, learning 2 blog - Amanda Marrinan
  • Behind the 8 ball - Michael Hilkemeijer
  • The ICT Pedagogical Licence Advanced: continuing the reflective journey - Wendy Fasso
  • Key elements, desirable factors: teachers with laptops, a case study - Sel Kerans



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QSITE’s QUICK journal is distributed to QSITE personal and institutional members and often becomes a shared publication available to ICT managers, school leaders and other educators who are enthusiastic about ICTs in education. These educators are also keen to learn about further learning and networking opportunities that meet their professional interests.

With this audience, QUICK is a strategic niche advertising vehicle suitable for ICT professional development course providers, educational conferences and events, tertiary institutions and educational ICT product and service suppliers.

Advertising rates include GST.
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