QSITE connects and supports educators, institutions and their stakeholders so they may fully explore the opportunities Information Communication Technologies bring to Queensland education and its classrooms every day.

The QSITE network has provided support for Queensland teachers adapting ICTs for education since 1981 and continues to be the vital toolkit for Queensland teachers using ICTs in their professional work and classrooms.

The QSITE networks and learning communities work together to:

  • Engage...... students and educators in life-long learning
  • Share......... ICT challenges, achievements and experiences
  • Connect..... with colleagues for collaboration and learning
  • Lead.......... ICT education and ICT integration in Queensland

QSITE knows ICT in learning means continual change - all educators know that! This is exactly why the QSITE network and support communities are such an important resource for us all.

Regardless of your teaching area, sector, or interests, QSITE offers ‘just in time’ network support to help bring ICT in education to life for you and your students, one ICT achievement at a time.

QSITE’s National and International Professional Affiliations connect and extend the QSITE network to access national and global education ICT developments with:

  • Discounts on International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) membership and resources;
  • Access to articles and forums: International Society for Technology in Education (http://www.iste.org); and
  • Automatic Australian Council Computers in Education (ACCE) Associate status.

QSITE Advocacy speaks for the interests of members and leads ICT developments in Queensland education. With a commitment to lead ICT education and ICT integration in Queensland, QSITE uses its JCQTA (Joint Council Queensland Teaching Associations) and QSA (Queensland Studies Authority) connections to prepare policy submissions and advocate on behalf of QSITE members to progress the meaningful use of ICTs for all sectors of Queensland education.

Share information about QSITE with your colleag ues through QSITE Brochures